Our favorite annual Stressless event is the Ekornes Charity Promotion. Each year, you’ve stepped up to help us raise money for our chosen charity. Last year’s event benefiting Communities In Schools was so successful that we’ve decided to help them again. CIS is a national organization whose Richmond affiliate follows the mission to surround students with a community of support, empowering them to stay in school and achieve in life. To quote their website – “Different kids have different needs. Some need academic help; some need a stable home and food on the table or someone who will listen and help guide the way.”

November 22 – January 14, each $50 donation you make to CIS Richmond through LaDiff earns you a $200 discount on Ekornes seating. Two donations earn you a $200 discount on two different pieces, and so on. It’s that simple. And, if your favorite model happens to be the very popular Stressless Mayfair, you’ll save $400 for each donation.

Empowering Richmond area students creates smart, contributing adults. And it can make you feel good, too.
The difference is joy.

*Receipt for your donation to CIS-Richmond will be reflected on your sales invoice when you purchase your Ekornes furniture; see store for all store details and for ‘specific cover’ options on the extra savings models.

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