November 17th, 2023 through January 14th, 2024, the recipient for this year’s Stressless Charity Promotion donations will be the Virginia Down Syndrome Association. In honor of our buddy Asher, LaDIFF wants to help this worthy cause in their mission to provide support for families and individuals “from twinkle to wrinkle”, as they say. Through education, information, employment and social programs, and more, Virginia DSA works across 52 counties and 16 cities, making a powerful impact on their community and on the lives they touch.

Your $50 donation, along with helping Virginia Down Syndrome Association, will also earn you $200-$400 off Stressless seating, 10% off any Stressless Sky mattress, or $200 off a set of 4 Stressless dining chairs.

  • $200 off the purchase price per seat for all Stressless® sofa seating.

  • $200 off any Stressless® recliner & ottoman, Stressless® Power™, or Stressless® office.

  • $200 off any Stressless® Max or Mike power recliner.

  • $50 off per Stressless® dining chair (minimum set of 4)

  • $400 off any Stressless® Mayfair family in ALL Paloma leather options.

  • 10% off any Stressless® Sky mattress

Our design consultants are ready to help you find the Ekornes seating that fits your comfort and style best. | NOVEMBER 17TH – JANUARY 14TH