AG25T Cantilever Umbrella

Treasure Garden is the largest manufacturer of umbrellas in the World – and the line spans just about all possibilities.

  • The AG24 Cantilevers are available in 2 different sizes and shapes.
  • There is an 11 ½’ Octagon (AG25T) and a 10’ Square (AG25TSQ)
  • Both umbrellas feature a convenient foot pedal that allows for easy 360 degree canopy rotation. A crank mechanism on the main shaft allows for infinite tilting capabilities front to back and left to right.
  • The 11 ½’ Octagon has a double wind vent and can come with or without valance. The 10’ Square has a single wind vent and can come with or without valance.
  • The frames are available in Bronze or Black Aluminum.
  • There is a huge range of fabric options in several grades.
  • Bases are priced separately and are available with or without wheels.
  • It is recommended that a 200lb minimum base is used with the AG umbrella series
  • Other options include Concrete on in ground mount kits
  • Other options for this umbrella include Luna umbrella center light adapter with Bluetooth speaker, Halo or Vega light systems and protective cover.

Prices start at $1139.00 LaDiff for this series.


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