Click Collection

Houe is a Danish design company that is driven by a passion for affordable luxury….and add in to boot a touch of whimsy.

  • The Click series combines steel frames with cleverly conceived plastic `Lamellas’ that are made of the same material used in another famous Danish product – Lego® blocks.
  • The frames for Click are always Grey powder coated steel. The Lamellas can be chosen in a number of colors or in color combinations.
  • The bamboo elements are made for outdoor use but do require occasional oil maintenance.

Made in China


Dining Chair with Armrests – $312.00
Dining Side Chair – $298.00
Tall Back Dining chair with Arm
Rocking Chair – 626.00
Lounge Chair – 539.00
Two Position Sunrocker – 659.00
Seven Position Sunrocker – 739.00
Ottoman – 227.00

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