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Corner Office Table Lamp

Open-plan office spaces and office-sharing are quite the rage these days, but sometimes you just need a little privacy. The Corner Office lamp is the perfect solution.

  • Mobile, versatile, and highly functional.
  • Available three ways: 30″ three-panel¬†wrap with lamp, 15″ two-panel wrap with lamp, and lamp only.
  • 30″ three-panel includes pockets for pens, etc.
  • Available in four colors: turquoise, chestnut, stone grey, anthracite
  • LED corner lamp is standard in white
  • Lamp includes two USB 3.0 ports and one USB 3.1 port as well as an optical touch switch that allows for full range dimming of the LED light source.
  • Designed by Peter Stathis & Michael McCoy exclusively for Pablo Designs.
  • We encourage a visit to LaDiff to experience Corner Office in person.

Dimensions: see spec sheet below

Office 15: $750
Office 30: $850
Light (no panels): $530


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