Wave Stressless® Sofa & Sectional Group


Sleek and sophisticated, while simultaneously very comfortable, the Wave merges the best of both ideals in a high quality, Norwegian made reclining sofa or sectional design.

  • Wave features Ekornes’ patented Stressless® mechanism in each reclining back, for the ultimate comfort and ease.
  • Available in a two or three seat sofa, high or low-back, or in a variety of sectional pieces including angled home theater arms.
  • Choose from an array of soft, versatile fabrics or from four grades of sumptuous leather.
  • Because only YOU can determine what’s comfortable for you, we suggest visiting LaDiff to sit on the Wave in person.
  • Check out the specs below to see the size options that might suit your space.
  • While not currently in our showroom, we are happy to order the Wave for you.  

Made in Norway

There are so many options for the Wave, we are unable to price all of them.
We provide a few below for a reference point:
3-seat highback: best price in Paloma SPECIAL leather choices: $3995
Batick leather $5295
Paloma leather $5595
Cori leather $5895
Noblesse leather $6895

To see more options from Ekornes click here.

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