Since 1980, LaDiff has been changing the experience of shopping for home furnishings.

In our 3-story showroom in downtown Richmond, you’ll find the East Coast’s largest selection of modern & contemporary furniture and accessories for your home, office, and outdoor living spaces. While we love the products that we carry, our biggest joy is working with our customers to find the perfect solutions in style, function, and comfort for their spaces.

Our website will give you a taste of what you’ll experience when you visit LaDiff. We encourage you to use online resources to find information. However, we believe that choosing quality furnishings that you can live with, in, and on for many years is a personal experience. We want you to touch, sit on, feel, open, lift, recline in, and lie down on the furniture and accessories that will create your perfect home or office. We make that “in person” shopping experience easy, fun, and successful.

We’re also deeply attached to our Virginia and Richmond roots. We believe in giving back to the community that has long supported us. From events to support our Richmond makers to local PTA events, you’ll always find us involved in our community in many ways.

As you browse the LaDiff website, create your wish list. You’re welcome to call or email us with any questions. Then you need to plan your visit to LaDiff in Richmond. It’s our only location, and it’s BIG! Our warehouse is on-site, we’re a jump off of I-64 and I-95, we’re 20 minutes from the airport, within walking distance to the Main Street Train station, and we have FREE parking. When you’ve made your selections, we’ll deliver all over!

We’re confident that when you visit you’ll find something irresistible for your home. You’ll see a piece that you can’t live without, and something that will forever remind you of your visit to LaDiff. That, for us, is the LaDiff experience.

Sarah & Andy

LaDIFF is extremely proud to source goods for our customers that are of high quality and that will provide many years of satisfactory and functional use.

We are committed to the responsible use of forest resources in selecting our furniture and the relationships we develop and nurture with our suppliers. We do our utmost to ensure that any wood product is legitimately harvested and where possible we select material and suppliers that are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).

LaDIFF further is firmly committed to avoiding wood from unacceptable sources, including:

  • Illegally harvested or traded timber
  • Timber harvested in violation of traditional or civil rights
  • Timber harvested from areas in which high conservation values are threatened by poor forest management
  • Timber harvested from areas being converted from forests to plantations or non-forest use

We actively seek partnerships and relationships with independent, small family owned businesses in the US, Canada, and Europe who are conscious of/and control their sourcing of lumber.

Where possible LaDIFF sources and uses recycled or reclaimed material. This includes most of the displays in our showroom that are recycled lumber from our personal home and reclaimed timber from our personal land.

LaDIFF is highly concerned about our global footprint and wherever possible recycles or re-uses most – if not all – of the cardboard and plastic that is used in packaging and in our daily activities.