Why Brick & Mortar 

Online shopping is great. It can be super convenient to send a toy to your niece out of state, while wearing your pajamas, at 2am. It can let you find that elusive part for your broken dishwasher. It will provide you with options, ideas, specifications, reviews, and research.

But sometimes it’s not so great.

Online shopping does not let you sit on cushions. You can’t pull out drawers, move a lift desk up & down, or extend a dining table to feel how the mechanism works. While you can see colors, on your own large or small screen, you cannot feel the differences in the textures of the fabrics & leathers. And as for quality, all you have to go by are the reviews.

Online shopping can also be overwhelming and misleading. That bed ‘pinned’ on your best friend’s page might be discontinued. The ‘too-good-to-be-true’ price turns out to be for a full container from China of one lamp. And the choices, they can be quite intimidating.

This is why we believe that, when shopping for home furniture in particular, personal attention is best. We want you to sit, lie, recline, pull, push, touch, caress, squeeze, and move the products. We want you to ask questions about quality and warranty and vendor reliability. We want to help you narrow the field of ‘contenders’ based on your personal needs (Kids & pets? No-shoe household? Allergic to latex?) That is LaDiff’s role in your buying decision.

By its very nature, furniture is heavy and rarely if ever ships for free, and, if it does, check the fine print for those return shipping fees. You are buying something you hope to own for several years, and we want you to make the right decision the first time.

Shopping for furniture in person also means you get to know the people behind the product. These are the folks you’ll call if you have a problem or a question down the road. That’s important to us, too.

We encourage you to browse our website, then come shop LaDIFF in person.