Love where you work.

We’ve been in the office furniture business for a long time. We’ve seen the shift from closed cubicles to open plan spaces, from filing cabinets to tablets, and from stacks of papers to being able to conduct all of your business from your phone.

We listen to your needs, examine how you do business, and help you make the most of your space with the right design. From functional and fun home offices to corporate and executive suites, our team can help you outfit your workspace in style, and within your budget. Looking for healthy work habits? We offer a full range of ergonomic surfaces, seating options, sit/stand desks, and more, that help to create a space that’s better for your back, your legs, and your well-being. Our website offers just a glimpse of what’s in our showroom. Have a look, give us a call with any questions, and plan your visit to LaDiff to put your office in business.


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