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Toll Free: 866.4LADIFF (866-452-3433)
804.648.6210 (phone)
Please note: our only active phone service is VOICEMAIL.
We can call you back but we cannot answer your call until we move.

We have completely closed our location on 14th Street,
but we cannot reopen until renovations are complete.

Our new address in Manchester:
1011 Commerce Road
Richmond, VA 23224
phone numbers will remain the same

HOPEFUL OPEN DATE: early-mid June 2022

Customer pick-ups are scheduled Monday-Friday at
specific times.




Questions for our sales team:
[email protected]

Questions or proposals for our marketing staff:
[email protected]

For customer service or repair questions on previous purchases:
[email protected]
     When possible, include your original invoice number and/or photos.

Questions for our accounts payable staff:
[email protected]

Proposals from new vendors, reps, suppliers only:
[email protected]

Apply online for the Synchrony Home Card for financing opportunities.
Details and application link here!

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PLEASE NOTE that replies may be delayed WHILE WE ARE MOVING.
Thank you for understanding.




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