LaDIFF is once again open to the public during our regular store hours, with all necessary sanitation and social distancing measures taken. Before you visit, we ask that you wash your hands and/or use the hand sanitizer you will find inside our store. Please remember that it is mandatory to wear a mask inside a Virginia business; thank you in advance for your compliance.

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Best Life Photography

When we moved into our new photography studio and offices earlier this year we realized we had no specific plan for furnishings and decor. Our space is entirely open and we are constantly moving stuff around to accommodate different shoots. We showed up on LaDiff’s doorstep one rainy evening about an hour before closing and asked for help? Our salesman, Bryan, asked us a bunch of questions about how we would be using our space and then walked us through the three floors of furnishings at the store on 14th street. Bryan made many suggestions of what would work in our office, reception, lounge and studio areas. He used our input to steer us toward pieces we liked.
Modern furniture can sometimes be hard to like when packed in next to other styles on a showroom floor. This was not the case at LaDiff, the space is large enough to see each piece in a complimentary setting. Bryan walked us through the sections of the store and suggested two or three ideas for each piece and we fell in love with every one of our purchases right then and there. We spent more on some items and a lot less on other items than we had planned but the love was there for every piece. By this time it was late and we felt guilty for keeping Bryan after hours. The next week Bryan and his team of helpers installed all of the furniture over the course of a couple of hours. Bryan gave us great direction in laying everything out and his team gently set each piece in place without a fingerprint, footprint or scratch. I will never darken the door of another furniture store.