LaDIFF’s showroom will be open ‘by appointment only,’ so that we can abide by the recommendation of ‘no more than 10 visitors’. In our large space, social distancing is not a problem. We can wave, and talk from afar as you find what you need to create an oasis at home during these difficult times. THANK YOU for supporting your locally owned brick & mortar businesses!

Our current temporary hours are: Tues-Sat 11-5, Sunday 12-5. Please chat, call, or email if you’d like to come by. Book your appointment here.

Dominion Payroll’s Stunning Offices

“David and I had a vision years ago about our `next space’. It had to be open. It had to inspire. It had to feel like a destination that our employees, community and clients could be proud of. As we began the process of searching and planning for this space we resisted the urge to hit the easy button. The easy button was bringing in a national office furniture company that would have created a cube farm. No, the space needed to be created from our community partners. Glass, floors, paint, wood, desks, art and most importantly furniture was all sourced from local partners who knew our business, who knew us. It became a collaboration, not a project. Each partner felt their role was equally important to the success of the space and they were all vested in its greatness. We moved in July 8th, 2017. It’s been amazing and now all of our employees walk around on little clouds spouting Nirvana-like sayings.”

–  David Gallagher | Dominion Payroll


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