Nike & Robert’s Eclectic Midlo Home

“When I came to the US in 1998, after finishing a lifetime of moving across the globe while living in government furnished housing, my husband and I realized that we needed to set up house in a hurry.  We had outgrown, in all the senses of that word, our furniture that came back from storage, not always in one piece, and on occasion invaded by other life forms.  We went to many furniture stores in the area and were frustrated with the lack of selection in contemporary pieces, some of which we purchased anyway because we needed to sleep and sit right away.  I asked around at my new work place and someone suggested “LaDifférence” which name I associated with a French froufrou store and red velvet chairs so we did not pursue that route.  A few weeks later one of my colleagues felt sorry for me or maybe she was just tired of my whining, and she kindly asked if I wanted to join her on a visit to a furniture store nearby which might be carrying what I was looking for.  I am forever grateful to this wonderful friend – she introduced me to what is now known as LaDiff during our lunch break and I felt home at last.  Bryan Duncan became our personal advisor, who expertly and patiently navigated us through the many furniture options and spousal differences of opinion. The four homes we subsequently owned since the introduction to La Diff were all furnished by this store — Top to bottom, outside and inside — because being back in the US apparently did not mean we stopped moving.  Over the course of the years quite a few of the items were passed down to our children when moving the pieces did not make sense or when we simply ran out of space as we kept acquiring more stuff.  Our only regret now is that the walls and floors of our house are not flexible – so many great designs – so little space.”

–  Nike & Robert


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