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Caroline Comfort Sleeper

The Caroline Comfort Sleeper is so comfortable, your guests may never leave!

  • The almost-effortless-to-open patented Tiffany 24/7™ platform sleep system has no springs, no bars, no sagging.
  • More sleep space takes up less room on the floor.
  • Mattress options are Standard Premier, Gel, or Tempurpedic
  • All foam seat & back cushions are standard; down-wrapped option is available for an upcharge
  • Peace of mind with spill, dirt and germ-resistant anti-microbial Crypton® mattress protection.
  • Lifetime warranty on frame; 10-year warranty on mechanism
  • Available in seven sizes – all at 80” ‘extra long’ to fit all guests: cot, twin, full, queen, queen plus, king, or double cot
  • Choose any current leather or fabric cover, priced by grade.
  • Choose any current finish for Perry’s wooden feet.

Made in Texas

Dimensions: See specs below

Pricing: Caroline’s price is determined by style (sleeper or not), size, mattress type, and grade of cover chosen. There are too many options to include them all here, but we can provide a few examples:
2 or 3-seat stationary sofa in grade 1 fabric: $2699, in grade 2 Crypton $3049, in grade F leather $3849
Queen 2-seat sleeper sofa in grade 1 fabric with standard (premiere) mattress: $3499,
with gel mattress: $3849, with Tempurpedic mattress: $4398


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