Componibili Cabinets

Kartell’s Componibili Cabinets are bright and bold, using alternative shapes and sliding mechanisms, it can be hidden storage, or practical shelving!

  • Created using recycled AND recyclable materials.
  • Designed by Anne Castelli Ferrieri
  • Available in seven sizes, each size offering a different color palate.
  • This collection is made using batch-dyed ABS, painted ABS, metallic ABS, recycled thermoplastic technopolymer, and biodegradable materials.

Made in Italy

Classic Double: 12.63″D x 15.75″H
Classic Triple: 12.63″D x 23″H
Classic Quad: 12.63″D x 31.38″H
Classic Big, one small door, one large door: 14.96″W x 14.96″D x 24.21″H
Classic Big, two large doors: 14.96″W x 14.96″D x 30.12″H
Classic Big Triple: 16.54″D x 27.36″H
Classic Big one large door with open shelf: 14.96″W x 14.96″D x 24.21″H

Single: $385
Double: $175 – $515
Triple: $240 – $500
Quad: $310


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