Cube Click Clock

A simple cube. Minimal and beautiful in its simplicity. But wait, there’s more! This cube hides the function of a smart & clever LED clock.

  • Cube Click Clock can tell time (in 12 or 24 hour format), sound an alarm, give the date, and provide the temperature (Fahrenheit or Celsius) in bright LED color that illuminates through the finish.
  • Charge up your clock with the USB cord included. Three AAA batteries keep it working when not charging.
  • Set the time and your preferred display settings and you’re ready to go.
  • Three different alarm settings available.
  • When the room goes quiet, it automatically switches off and goes “dark’.
  • Snap your fingers, clap your hands, or tap the top, and it comes alive again! (It will also relight when the alarm goes off.)
  • Dim function also available.
  • Stocked in white with white LED, black with white LED, maple with orange LED, grey ash with green LED, walnut with green LED, and aluminum with white LED.

Designed in England, Made in China

Dimensions: 2.67″cubed

Price: $42.00


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