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Harlequin Adjustable Mattress

Adjustable bed frames have become very popular but a lot of them are rather clunky and require bars to hold the mattress in place. Harlequin uses a unique/patented system that does away with all of these issues.

  • There are 4 models of Harlequin adjustable mattresses; Mailia, Thaia, Pierrot and Virtuose.
  • The mechanism is built into the mattresses.
  • Malia is available in latex Talalay (semi-firm), ventilated microgel (plush), or as a dual comfort mattress with both latex and gel. Dual Comfort allows each partner to choose their preference.
  • Thaia is also available in Talalay latex (firm), microgel (semi-firm), or as a dual comfort mattress.
  • Pierrot combines ventilated nano latex, plush Talalay and high resilience foam to provide premium comfort. This model is not available as a dual comfort mattress.
  • Virtuose is Harlequin’s most luxurious mattress, made out of 100% raw materials. The surface layer is constructed out of organic cotton, camel and alpaca wool, cashmere and silk. The first suspension zone combines an organic natural latex sheet and horsehair, while the core provides an extra layer of organic latex to stabilize body pressure. These components work together to provide constant ventilation while keeping your body cool and comfortable. 
  • Covers are removable for dry cleaning and are made of a special Harlequin Cooler fabric that is an Ultra High Moisture Wicking material.
  • Adjustable Mattresses are available in twin, twin XL, full, queen and king sizes.
  • There is a 10 year warranty on the adjustable mattress, 2 year warranty on the motors and 1 year on the controls.
  • Controls are Bluetooth controlled eliminating any cords. There is an app available to operate the beds from your phone or IPad.
  • We are delighted to be the exclusive dealer for this unique product in the Greater Richmond region.
  • Harlequin mattresses can be built in many ways and can be customized.

We encourage you to stop by LaDiff to test out the Harlequin adjustable mattresses and choose which one is best for you!

Made in Canada

Gel pricing for Malia and Thaia –
Twin or Twin XL – $3945-$4449
Full – $4719-$5395
Queen – $5249-$5899
King – $5919-$6929
King Split (2x TwinXL) – $7890-$8898

Talalay pricing for Malia and Thaia –
Twin or Twin XL – $3989-$4619
Full – $4829-$5669
Queen – $5459-$6089
King – $6089-$7139
King Split (2x TwinXL) – $7979-$9239

Pierrot pricing –
Twin or Twin XL – $3149
Full – $3779
Queen – $3989
King – $4619
King Split (2x TwinXL) – $6298

Please call for pricing on the Virtuose model. 



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