Magique Cube Collection

The Magique collection is based on cubes as storage and display vessels in beautiful, glass-made structures.

  • Designed by Studio Klass, the collection includes two low occasional tables and a tall ‘totem’ shelf. 
  • The ‘negative’ spaces above and between cubes on the high table and totem are also useful for display.
  • Low and high tables have one cube insert each; totem shelf features three cube inserts.
  • Low table is available in 6 glass combinations; High table is available in 7 glass combinations; totem is available in 3 glass combinations. 
  • Fiam Italia was launched in 1973 by Vittorio Livi with a mission to shine a spotlight on glass designs. 

Made in Italy 

Low table: 15”W x 13.4”D x 18.9”H
High table: 12.6”W x 12.6”D x 22”H
Totem: 15”W x 15”D x 67.75”H

Price ranges:
Low table: $1225 – $1729
High table: $1199 – $1635
Totem: $3345 – $4099

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