Magniflex Magnistretch-12 Mattress

Designed in collaboration with the mechanical engineering department of the University of Zaragoza (Spain), the innovative Magnistretch mattress is a revolutionary mattress designed to stretch and decompress your spine while preventing compacted vertebrae.

  • The exclusive inclined section cores uses the weight of the body to stretch the back and increase the space between the vertebrae. Construction from the top down is:
    • 1/2″ Cover in Natural viscose & Outlast® fabric
    • 1.5″ Memofoam (memory foam)
    • 1/2″ Super Soft fiber
    • 2″ Eliosoft with patented Stretch technology
    • 4.5″ Eliosoft with patented Stretch technology
    • 4.5″ Elioform (firm support foam)
  • OUTLAST® is a heat-regulating fabric especially designed for astronauts’ space suits and contains millions of spheres made from a special wax that melts at a temperature of 96 degrees Fahrenheit. When the body temperature rises, the excess heat is absorbed but when the temperature drops below the melting point, the spheres regain their shape and firmness and release the accumulated heat.
  • Covered by a 20-year limited warranty against defects in workmanship and/or materials (other than fabric or handles). Please see your LaDiff design consultant for details.
  • Due to tariffs on imported mattresses, Magniflex has moved all foam production to the USA. Most covers are still coming from Italy, with assembly in the USA.
  • Magniflex has been producing some of the world’s most ergonomic and comfortable mattresses for over 50 years.
  • We encourage you to visit LaDiff where you can experience the Magnistretch mattress – and all selections in our mattress gallery – in person. After all, you cannot determine the comfort by touching a screen!

Made in Italy and the USA

Dimensions: 12″H (mattress only)
Foundations and/or slat systems used with this mattress should include an adequate center support.

Twin – 39×76 – $1799
Twin XL – 39×80 – $1999
Full/Double – 54×76 – $2399
Queen – 60×80 – $2899
Eastern King – 78×80 – $3599
California King – 72×84 – $3599

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