Monti Rosso Glasses

The shape of the Monti Rosso glass is designed perfectly for red wine; while pouring, the wine falls on top of the peak and aerates in a cascade down each side. This oxygen exposure allows the flavors to develop in seconds, not years, so you get a brighter bouquet and clearer tasting notes.

  • Named Monti for the mountain shaped peak at the base of the glass, inspired by the Italian Alps
  • Mouth-blown from lead-free crystal which highlights the color of the wine
  • Monti Rosso comfortably holds a standard 5oz pour, which measures just above the waist of each glass; it will easily hold up to a 12oz pour if preferred (or filled with water, juice, etc!)
  • Designed by Daniele ‘Danne’ Semeraro
  • With Sempli glassware, Mr. Semeraro combines his Swedish upbringing and Italian heritage to create designs that are highly beautifully and eminently functional.
  • Handwashing recommended
  • Sold in pairs

Dimensions: 3.75”Diam x 4”H, capacity 17.75oz

Price: $55.00/pair

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