Poldina Micro Table Lamp

Looking for a little light, color, and looking to take it wherever you go? Poldina micro might just be what you need.

  • Available in 14 colors! Current stock includes white, red, black, pink, sand, and sage, but other colors are available through special order from our vendor.
  • Powder coated finished are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Metal leaf finishes are recommended for indoor use only.
  • Light emission: 1.8w LED, 142 lumens, 2200 – 2700 –3000K
  • Touch temperature change; induction charging with base and USB cable included in purchase.
  • Charge holds ~7-8 hours at the highest setting after a full ~3-4 hour charge time. Lithium ion battery lasts approx. 400 charging cycles with replacement batteries available through Zafferano.

Designed in Italy, made in China

Dimensions: 2.8″ sq base 10.8″ H

Price: $119.00


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