Today Sleeper

American Leather’s innovative ‘Today’ sleeper features an innovative mechanism that lets you open and use one side at a time or both to have the complete, larger mattress.

  • Simply remove the back pillows only, lift up the seat cushion and walk it forward. The feet will unfold to support the mattress.
  • Available in 6 sizes: cot, twin, full, queen, queen plus, and king. 
  • Mattress is 4” high density, high resiliency foam.
  • We recommend using a standard mattress topper to protect the seat fabric and to create a more cohesive feel when sleeping.
  • Available in several models, including the modern Bellamy, an exclusive for Contemporary Design stores like LaDIFF.
  • Choose any current fabric, Ultrasuede®, or leather cover, priced by grade. 
  • Lifetime warranty on frame; 10-year warranty on mechanism
  • Watch how the Today Sleeper works here.

Made in Texas

Dimensions: these are INSIDE dimensions for the mattress size; outside dimensions vary with the model selected based on arm design/size.
Cot: 29×80”mattress
Twin: 38×80”mattress
Full: 2x 27×80″mattresses
Queen: 2x 30×80”mattresses
Queen plus: 2x 33×80” mattresses
King : 2x 38×80”mattresses 

Price ranges :
Cot : $2399 – $5249
Twin : $2649 – $5699
Full : $2899 – $6049
Queen : $3299 – $6549
Queen Plus : $3899 – $7199
King : $4449 – $7599

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