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Tulip Stool

Slightly flared legs and a comfy contoured seat give the Tulip stool a lot of personality.

  • The Tulip series has some old fashioned references, but is made from one of the most modern, sustainable resources available…bamboo.
  • Bar and counter height stools are available in caramelized or black walnut bamboo finishes.
  • Tulip is made by laminating square edge bamboo slats. The species of bamboo used combined with the laminating process creates a material that is typically 20% stronger than oak.
  • Bamboo is a fast growing grass that reaches maturity in less than 5 years. It is harvested from fully sustainable forests. This environmentally friendly, quickly renewable resource makes it a great option for furniture.

Made in China

Bar Stool: 18″ x 14″ x 30″
Counter Stool: 18″ x 14″ x 26″

This is a Green Product!

Pricing starting at: $223.00

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