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Chris & Debbie’s Shockoe Bottom Loft

“Our family moved to RVA last summer. A few months before that we discovered LaDIFF while touring apartments and assisting our oldest son with furniture. The decision to furnish our living room from LaDIFF came easy after seeing their selection and quality furniture. In steps Bryan Duncan with his extensive knowledge of design, organic sense of layout, and wonderful personality.

Moving from a small Island near Charleston, SC we had a good feel on how to decorate a bungalow or cottage; but not a clue on how to decorate a modern high rise condo. Bryan assisted in wall color selection, furniture including fabric and color, and light fixtures. Bryan also helped me choose the proper rugs and positioning of the furniture. Bryan was always available to answer our questions and set our concerns at ease. We believe the finished product is awesome and enjoy our new modern home.
We purchased our condo for the view and now the view inside matches the amazing one outward including a great view of the LaDIFF store.”

–  Chris & Debbie


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