The Bufford Residence

“Our Sunday afternoon trips to LaDiff to look for inspiration and new pieces became a really important part of the process of preparing to move home.”

Josh Bufford has been working with Bryan at LaDiff since 2007 when he first moved into his modern, warehouse-converted Jackson Ward loft.  A bachelor, Josh was transitioning from West End living to the downtown, urban lifestyle and started fresh with all new furnishings.  Bryan did a great job identifying pieces to accent the already unique interior.  In 2011, Jessica & Josh were married and the ultra-hip bachelor pad needed to become a little less bachelor and a little more married couple, again, Bryan to the rescue in identifying furniture and accents to compliment the merging of two homes.
In the fall of 2012, two weeks after opening their new restaurant Toast, the Buffords’ building caught fire, and all the owners were forced from their homes for nearly a year. While the fire was a very difficult time, it allowed the Buffords to realize a larger vision for the loft space and to expand into the unit adjacent growing from a 1 bedroom to a 2400 square foot condo with 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. As their vision for a “family-size loft” started to take shape the next stop made months before returning home was to see Bryan and begin redecorating their expanded and renovated home.  One of the favorite pieces, and a focal point for a window-filled and pie-shaped room is the American Leather “Menlo Park” sofa and chair set that they selected for their family room. Matching stools from Amisco, rugs, Bink tables, Faith Aluminum Side Tables and Coffee and End Tables by BDi are some of the items that filled out the living spaces.
“We were happy to be able to salvage some pieces from our home that existed before the fire” says Jessica.  “Being able to incorporate those pieces that meant so much to us with the new pieces that Bryan helped us to select and design really means a lot. Our Sunday afternoon trips to La Diff to look for inspiration and new pieces became a really important part of the process of preparing to move home. We stopped in to create, and be inspired – it was kind of a hope-filled shopping experience each time as it reminded us that we would get home soon.  Now that we are home, we couldn’t be happier, and still enjoy our trips down to the bottom to check out what we can add to our ever-growing La Diff collection.”
Jessica & Josh are the owners of Toast & Estilo restaurants in the Near West End of Richmond.