The Hebel Home

When David & Susan Hebel decided to downsize from a 3600 square foot house to an 1800 square foot place in Rocketts Landing, they also wanted to ‘downsize’ their furniture. “We had a tired couch, and hand-me down tables, (it was) time to get rid of all that,” recalls Susan.

She and David went to LaDiff on a “looking around” trip before closing on their place. That’s when they met Bryan. Finding a sofa they liked, and learning about an upcoming sale, helped seal the deal. Once they closed, Bryan made a house call visit to see their space in person, take measurements, and make suggestions for a room arrangement.

David’s favorite item in the new place is his “man chair.” “He loves the leather recliner!” according to Susan. “He saw it on the way out the door as we were leaving LaDiff and he couldn’t stop talking about that recliner, so he went back a different day and got it.” Susan’s favorite purchase? Her swivel chairs. “They were Bryan’s suggestion. I can swivel to the couch and talk to people sitting there, and swivel to the TV, and swivel to look at the river… or just swivel back and forth for no good reason.”

The Hebels tell us that they are delighted with their LaDiff furniture and LaDiff experience, and they would highly recommend Bryan’s services. “He is a great guy. We have enjoyed the trips we’ve made into the store.” And “He’s a lot of fun to work with.”