The Richmond Forum

Several years ago, we were asked to outfit the set for The Richmond Forum.

For over two decades, The Richmond Forum has been presenting the most engaging, influential, entertaining and educational speakers in the world to stimulate, inspire and inform 3,600 patrons at each of five programs every season. The Richmond Forum is increasingly known nationally for producing programs that are innovative, compelling, and often “one and only” events that can’t be seen anywhere else. Because their patrons have become accustomed to seeing the best speakers in the world, they have high expectations for each new season. Speakers always know to bring something special to The Richmond Forum.

In 2008, Executive Director, Bill Chapman, thought it was time to liven up the set.  We were honored that he turned to LaDiff for our advice and guidance prior to Tony Blair’s speaking engagement.  Here are a few photos that feature the LaDiff touch….check out their upcoming season here.