VCUarts Depot

VCU School of the Arts has long held their annual student exhibitions at the the Anderson Gallery located at 907½ West Franklin Street. This past year’s exhibitions inaugurated the newly renovated Depot Building, an innovative multidisciplinary facility overseen by VCUarts that provides a wide array of expanded opportunities for students, faculty, and community engagement. Located only three blocks from the Anderson Gallery, the Depot serves as a convenient and gorgeous new space for the university.

LaDiff was able to assist in the furniture curation for the Depot. We had an absolute blast doing it and are thrilled to see the excitement surrounding the new facility! Dean Joseph H. Siepel had some lovely words to say,

“I want to thank LaDiff and Bryan for the excellent help and guidance that you gave us for the newly renovated VCUarts Depot building. The focus of the activity in the space is on entrepreneurship, cutting edge design and interdisciplinary connections across the university and with external partners. Your eclectic and exciting furniture choices and creative design expertise gave us exactly the look and feel we were hoping to achieve. The over-sized chartreuse hammock, the red park bench, the tortoise lounge chairs and the “Fat Boy” colored huge bean bags, have enlivened the space and added to its spirit of creativity. AND, beyond that, the service was exemplary. Many thanks to all of the LaDiff staff and to Andy Thornton & Bryan Duncan in particular.


Joseph H. Seipel, Dean
School of the Arts
Virginia Commonwealth University”