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Splitty Lights

Splitty is a dynamo! Winner of several major design awards, including Best of Neocon in 2017, Splitty is one of the most flexible lights from Koncept.

  • Designed by Kenneth and Edmund Ng
  • The diffused light source with hidden LEDs performs as a radiant ambient light AND a functional task light.
  • Built-in USB port lets you charge your phone or other compatible products without searching for an outlet.
  • Flexible design boasts high degrees of motion so you can shine light wherever you need it.
  • Floor lamp has a 10”diameter base, 45.3” post, 18.1” arm, and 5.5”deep shade.
  • Available in silver, matte black, orange, leaf green, grey, white, or pacific blue.

Made in China

Floor Lamp: 10” diameter base, 45.3” post, 18.1” arm, and 5.5”deep shade.
Desk Lamp: 5” diameter base, 17” max height, 5.5” deep shade

Floor Lamp: $369.00
Desk Lamp: $238.50


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